Interview with the winner of the 2018 NGM trading competition, Investor-NM


We have managed to get a quick chat with this year’s winner of the NGM trading competition Investor-NM, Bireha, who made a remarkable return of 383,91% during the two weeks.

Hi Bireha!
1. You managed to get your initial capital to grow with an incredible 383,91% during two weeks. What kind of strategy did you have?
I have tried to take high risk positions to make big wins in the beginning. I have also followed the market closely to not lose a lot if I was wrong. I followed the markets as good as I could.

2. What were your expectations for this year’s competition?
I actually decided to win. And I did. It probably sounds strange, but I was sure that I was going to win.

3. What underlying assets did you trade the most?
I traded mostly indexes like DAX, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500, and also some Gold and Yara. I like most to trade indexes but sometimes other underlyings have better leverage depending on the prices and distance to knockout.

4. Do you also trade for yourself, outside the competition? What do you mostly trade?
I trade a lot in real life and have a very high result last 3 months. In real life I also mostly trade indexes with leverage. Mostly Nasdaq.

5. Do you have any advice in order to succeed in trading?
Trust your gut, and don’t let other people disturb you. I have lost so many wins because I have listened to other’s advice. So I have stopped to listen to others and do it only my way. That works very well.

6. Do you have any role model or person you look up to when it comes to trading?
Yes, I have learned from big players that you have to take big risks to win big. If you spread your bets in big risk projects, then some of them will always win big. That way you build your fortune even if 1 or 2 or 3 projects go wrong.

7. Now that you have won a travel gift card, have you already decided where to travel?
I want to visit Iceland.

We thank and once again congratulate Bireha, the winner of the 2018 NGM trading competition Investor-NM!

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